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3 Natural Ingredients To Help With Hair Loss

By Andrea Douglas
Natural Ingredients

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July 13, 2021
3 Natural Ingredients To Help With Hair Loss

A lot of companies out there have been making herbal products for a natural solution to hair loss for what seems like forever. Their products have been manufactured to blend science and herbs, for a more natural way to help with all hair rejuvenation remedies. These companies use a combination of ingredients that promote hair growth in their products, with the downside of an inflated cost.

Natural solutions are always ideal because they are least likely to cause an adverse reaction. The more chemicals there are in a product, the greater the chance is for that product to result negatively. Here are three ingredients most commonly found in these hair loss shampoos, that you can find at the store for much cheaper:


More commonly known as chillis, paprika, or even bell peppers, the fruit of the capsicum plant is a well known, natural, stimulant. With health benefits similar to what is offered by Omega 3’s, and the ability to increase anti-inflammatory and immune capabilities, capsicum has a lot of positive effects. It has increased hair growth rates for the majority of regular users, as it stimulates the scalp for optimal growth. Whether you consume a lot of peppers (in as many varieties as you’d like), or you buy it as an oil or supplement, capsicum is a great way to help the regrowth of your hair.


You may think that henna is better for hair coloring, rather than hair growth. Though it’s a great hair dye, henna can also be an excellent conditioner, that is filled with properties to encourage hair repair, and strengthening. Using it in your regular hair care routine can help your hair shaft increase in volume, while making your strands silky and strong. Henna can help repair hair cuticles, to give thicker strands, while also giving it a protective coat to protect it from further damage. This is especially helpful for those with thinning or shedding, hair that needs to be reinvigorated.


What you may not have known is that ginseng is a common ingredient in multiple remedies for alopecia. Much like capsicum, ginseng stimulates the scalp, in order to generate hair growth. Using ginseng has been linked to an increased number of dermal papilla cells in your scalp, by preventing the natural cell death. It has also been linked to nurture and strengthen your hair follicles, while increasing the blood circulation in your scalp to prevent hair loss. No matter how severe your hair loss is, ginseng can help restore your follicles to look better than you could ever imagine.

Because these ingredients are already very easily accessible, you can easily use them to assist with your hair loss. As an added convenience, a health supplement store can sell any of these hair growth in 100% natural pills. If you look around, they may also have them as a topical treatment so you can apply it directly to your scalp. To make things even easier, a one-stop grocery store (think larger chains, versus independent ones) can very easily have all three of the above ingredients readily available for you.