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By Andrea Douglas

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Hi and Welcome To

I am Andrea Douglas, the owner and sole blogger here.

A few years ago, I started losing my hair. At first, it seemed trivial. Then I started noticing it more often, especially during showers. It is then I decided to take action.

I went the holistic way first (herbs and stuff), but while they did give me temporary relief, it just kept coming back. I then experimented with different Shampoos and conditioners, and while some of them were outright pathetic, some showed promise. One, in particular, helped really slow down hair loss and then reverse some. That being my number #1 recommendation on the homepage.

Everything I share on this blog is based on my research, and some my experience. I definitely suggest you talk to your doctor for thorough advice/ medication, but if you are simply looking for an over-the-counter solution, then my top 10 recommendation should really help you.

If you have any question, feel free to shoot me an email or simply leave a comment and I will try to respond when I can.