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Celebrity Advice: Shobna Gulati’s Tips For Treating Thinning Hair

By Andrea Douglas
Shobna Gulati

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June 21, 2021
Celebrity Advice

What Causes Hair Loss?

Almost half of all women will experience at least a small amount of hair loss before age 50, due to hormonal changes and fluctuations. For some women, hair loss is a recurring problem. For women in the public eye, losing hair is a nightmare. As soon as signs of hair loss begin to emerge, paparazzi photographers snap photos and expose the situation to the entire world.

Introducing Shobna Gulati

British celebrity Shobna Gulati has been dealing with hair loss since she was young.  Her problem seems to be related to stress, since she started noticing thinning hair shortly after her father died.  Gulati dealt with hair loss issues the entire time she was acting on the popular soap opera shows Dinnerladies and Coronation Street.  

When she reached middle age, Gulati’s hair loss problem got worse.  The onset of menopause often interferes with hair growth.  Luckily, Gulati was able to recover and start growing hair again.

If you’re struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, there’s a chance that following the same approach will help you grow your hair back too.  Follow this advice from Shobna Gulati to increase your chance of regrowing thick, healthy hair.

5 Suggestions For A Healthy Hair

1. Get healthy.

According to Gulati, changing her diet helped her deal with her hair loss problem. Getting some exercise and eating more fruits and vegetables is guaranteed to improve your general health– so there is no reason whatsoever to not give this method a try. Healthy lifestyle changes are known to help some women regrow thinning hair.

2. Chill out.

In Gulati’s case, her overactive adrenal glands were responsible for the initial hair loss incident she experienced as a young girl. Adrenal glands fire off male hormones during stressful times. DHT– a chemical associated with testosterone– causes hair follicles on the scalp to shrink. Life is short, so Finding time to relax can help if your hair is thin. Set time aside to unwind or start meditating to help reduce stress.

3. Don’t wear extensions.

Though it may be tempting to hide thin hair with extensions, don’t do it. Extensions aggravate hair loss. When Gulati was starring in The Only Way is Essex, she started wearing extensions– and her hair loss problem only worsened.

4. Take supplements.

Sometimes, female hair loss occurs as a result of malnutrition. If you’ve been following a strict diet plan, you may not be getting all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to produce healthy hair. Gulati was skeptical about popular supplements designed to prevent hair loss at first, but then after she started taking them she began noticing a big difference. Gulati’s favorite supplements are Nourkrin, Nanogen, Hairfollic and Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo.

5. Immunosuppressive steroids.

Women are especially vulnerable to developing autoimmune disorders. People with autoimmune disorders have overactive immune systems that go after healthy cells. If white blood cells start attacking follicles, the result will be hair loss. If you think you may have an autoimmune problem, see your doctor and get tested. Autoimmune disorders can be treated with immunosuppressive steroids.