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Cyber Hair: A Futuristic Solution To Hair loss

By Andrea Douglas
Cyber Hair

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When I first read about Cyber Hair, my overactive imagination immediately led to cyborgs. The first step in human evolution, human abilities being enhanced using technology.

Maybe I’ve just watched too much Star Trek, and my fear of the Borg drew me to these conclusions.

Cyber Hair, however, is much much different than these fantasies.

What is Cyber Hair?

Simply put Cyber Hair is synthetically manufactured hair, that has the most similarities to human hair of any product available on the market.

Using advanced technology, this hair feels like human hair and it is hard to tell where it starts and human hair stops.

Who is Cyber Hair for?

Anyone with naturally thin hair or those who are experiencing the initial stages of hair loss.

However, this product cannot be used on large areas without hair.

How is this product better?

Several ways:

1. Cyber Hair holds its colour better than any alternative, including human hair!

2. Cyber Hair is the lightest product available to provide additional comfort.

3. Cyber Hair has high moisture content and feels like natural hair wet or dry.

4. Cyber Hair has style and curl retention. Your style will not be lost even after being in a sauna.

5. Cyber Hair is durable, can withstand the effects of heat, sunlight, and chlorine.

What’s the catch? Is it painful?

You may be thinking, “Hey this sounds too good to be true”.

Well, there is no catch!

Cyber Hair is not painful and is not a surgical procedure. Some clients may experience minimal discomfort and the feeling of a tight scalp but that does not last long.

The Techniques

The procedure is accomplished by attaching the new Cyber Hair to the preexisting hair on the head. The hair can be attached in three ways:

  1. Micro Point Link where four Cyber Hairs are knotted to natural hair using a micro link.
  2. Micro Point Accent where 100 Cyber Hairs are attached with a tiny bead
  3. Micro Point Panels where 800 Cyber Hairs act as an extension for hair to add volume and length.

All of these procedures are completed without the use of glue or any other harmful products.

There are two important things that I learned today:

  1. There is a fantastic new product to help provide hair solutions for people suffering from hair loss
  2. We are no closer to intergalactic conquest with the Borg. Phew!