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Dr. Axe Hair Loss Remedies – A Testament of How Nature Always Has a Cure

By Andrea Douglas
Dr. Axe Hair Loss Remedies

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Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy looking hair, but most people never quite get the chance to get to that point because their hair starts to thin or fall off at varying stages. Hair loss might be more common in men, but a lot of women also have to deal with thinning hair and hair that falls off at some stage of their lives.

There have been countless studies conducted on the reasons behind hair loss. So far, what we know is that hair thins progressively with age. However, when hair thins or falls out off one follicle, it has to grow back from that same follicle. This might not happen if the levels of the male androgen hormone DHT (DiHydroxy testosterone) are high.

High DHT levels will cause follicles to shrink. For men, hair loss shows up as a receding hairline and women often notice thinning and loss on the top of their heads. Hair loss that has been attributed to DHT is also referred to as androgenic alopecia.

DHT is not the only reason for hair loss. According to scientific research other reasons for hair loss are hereditary, thyroid problems, stress, certain medical conditions, certain medications and hair management. Understanding the reasons is one thing getting a solution is a whole different ball game. The hair care industry is probably the biggest industry in the world.

Every day countless people are buying products that they hope will deliver on their promises to stop hair loss, but most of what is out there does not really work. This is because the problems is more complex than it is often presented. The sad thing is that most of these products contain chemicals that do more harm than good. So what is the solution?

Dr. Axe Hair natural solution to hair loss

Dr. Axe presents a holistic approach to dealing with hair loss. He is a proponent of using DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto but he takes things further by delving into diet and incorporating natural elements found inessential oils. with he presents his natural remedies in his acclaimed book: Essential oils: Ancient Medicine.

Dr. Axe hair loss remedies include home made recipes that uses oils like Rosemary oil, which increases cellular metabolism, spikenard oil which promotes hair growth and slow down the graying process, peppermint oil, sage, cedarwood and others. The information is neatly packaged in Essential oils: Ancient medicine, which is available from Amazon.

The pros

  • Natural, organic treatments
  • Seeks to educate for a holistic approach
  • Essential oils: ancient medicines offers recipes that you can follow to make your own home treatments


  • Although there might seem to be none, the volume of information you have to wade through to get to the point can be daunting
  • Finding the right combination of essential oils can be a bit difficult depending on where in the world you live.

Who is this for?

Dr Axe hair loss is not for people who are looking for quick fixes. It is ideal for anyone who wants to understand more about why things work the way they do. It is an ideal product for anyone who is interested in natural remedies that don’t necessarily come out of a bottle.