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Dry Shampoo: Does it cause Hair Loss?

By Andrea Douglas
Dry Shampoo: Does it cause Hair Loss

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Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for a lot of women and men out there.Whether you’ve had a busy week with no time to wash your hair, or your hair gets really oily super fast, the miracle spray saves you from hiding it under a hat. Depending on your hair type, “second day” dry shampoos can be used one, or even four, days after your last wash. Some people rely on dry shampoo more than their regular shampoo, because it volumizes and gives hair a cleaner look in two minutes, without using water. It takes less time, and there’s no need to deal with the hassle of adding product to your hair, or drying it. But is it healthy to use dry shampoo?

The jury is still out.

Viral posts such as this one exclaim that dry shampoo (specifically the Batiste brand) should be boycotted, because regular use of it gave the author Triangular Alopecia. Essentially, she had blisters, red sores, and bald spot on her head, and her doctor recommended she undergo a scalp biopsy so they could pinpoint the problem. In the weeks leading up to her procedure, she stopped using dry shampoo, and on D-Day, after a second look, her doctor told her that her scalp was better, and the biopsy wasn’t necessary.

The case against dry shampoo is not a new one. Though only gaining popularity in the past few years (after being around for decades), the countless queries wondering whether or not dry shampoo is safe to use seem to have been going on forever. With the vast amount of horror stories, and the gruesome images of the damaged scalps, and missing locks, it’s easy to be deterred. But on the bright side, those cases we hear are the isolated cases. From sensitive scalps, to totally replacing regular shampoo with the dry stuff (I mean, absolutely zero water touches the hair), these are not the norm.


So, is dry shampoo pure evil? Not really.

As long as you wash your hair regularly, and use dry shampoo in between washes, all should be well. Dry shampoo only gives hair the appearance of being completely clean, which leaves dirt to pile up. If hair is not washed properly, dry shampoo can cause breakage from tangling, or accumulated shedding (which is normal, and takes place when hair is regularly washed), giving the appearance of rapid hair loss. If you have a rash or redness that occurs as a result of dry shampooing, you may have an allergy, and should consult your doctor.

Washing hair can definitely be a hassle. Which is why dry shampoo is great if you’re short on time between your regular washes. But you can’t drag it out forever. Eventually, your hair will be too oily to hide, and your shedding might get a bit out of hand. Do yourself a favour, and use dry shampoo sparingly, and only as a quick fix. After all, it’s still a gift from the Gods -one we all need!