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Neem Oil for Hair Loss: Pros And Cons

By Andrea Douglas
Neem Oil

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Recently, there has been a massive proliferation of all sorts of herbal-based remedies and assorted products promising to restore youthful looks by reversing premature baldness and rejuvenating thinning hair.

While others focus majorly on restoring and regrowing balding patches, others take on the approach of eliminating hair dryness and healing the scalp to set precedence for healthy hair.

One of them in Neem Oil for Hair Loss and Healthy Hair. Sourced from the neem tree – as its name suggests – this product promises to be the highly-sought panacea for almost all modern-day hair problems.

This ranges from curing the scalp of dandruff to regrowing bald patches and anything in between. But is really the holy grail for your hair loss and thinning woes? Let’s take a detailed look.

The Backdrop of Neem for Hair Loss – Its Constituents

The name ‘neem’ is derived from a Sanskrit word which can be loosely translated to the ‘sprinkler of nectar.’

Traditionally, neem is considered a vital part of ancient Indian medicine and has been used for several decades now to treat a broad array of scalp and skin conditions, reduce inflammation and swelling, eliminate internal parasites and, in general, acts as a complement for many herbal remedies.

Neem oil, as a whole, is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree by pressing and crushing them. The oil is naturally high in vitamin E – an important antioxidant.

It also contains significant amounts of Oleic,( also found in grapeseed oils and olive ), Linoleic ( also found in safflower, flaxseed, and sunflower oils )and fatty acids.

This combination of fatty acids, in particular, is scientifically proven to be beneficial to natural dry hair especially in soothing the scalp and aiding the hair roots.

Pros of Neem Oil for Hair Loss

1. Promotes Hair Growth with a Reasonable Level of Success

Considering that neem oil is naturally high in vital antioxidants ( in fact, higher than those that can be found in spinach or blueberries ), it is not surprising that this product heals and reverses scalp damage with a decent level of efficiency.

The damage might be as a result of different factors – including age or the aftermath of the long-term use of chemical relaxers. As a result, this creates the ideal setting for a regrowth of the balding patches.

Besides, neem for hair loss also has regenerative properties that stimulate the growth of hair follicles, promote cell division and, as a whole, support the regrowth of badly thinning and balding spots.

In other words, depending on the level of existing hair damage, the adoption and application of Neem oil for Hair Loss is likely to result to stronger, thicker and more luxurious growth of your hair.

2. Relieves Eczema, Dandruff, and other Fungal Ailments

Dermatitis or Eczema is without a doubt one of the leading causes of premature hair loss. And it is often characterized by flaking, red, itchy and crusting skin. Nimbidin, one of the major anti-inflammatory elements found in Neem Oil for Hair Loss, is functionally similar to medical phenylbutazone.

The only difference is that Nimbidin doesn’t have any notable side effects despite helping to reduce eczema irritation and redness significantly.

Again, as pointed out earlier, Neem oil is rich in naturally occurring glycerides and fatty acids that are capable of penetrating the exterior layers on one’s to restore the necessary protective barrier needed for a luxurious hair growth.

Besides relieving eczema, Neem has proven antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects that help combat dandruff and incessant itching.

3. Promotes a Healthy Scalp

Neem for Hair Loss works by first-of-all healing and rejuvenating a damaged scalp. It is so effective at this that is has been commonly touted as a ‘scalp savior’ for those suffering from the embarrassing symptoms of an unhealthy scalp.

Furthermore, neem oil is also considered as soothing, cooling, and astringent in nature.

And this not only reduces the chances of hair shedding starting from the root but also regulate the secretion of the scalp’s natural oil – sebum.

4. Condition Dry Hair – Helps with Thinning

Neem Oil for Hair Loss, courtesy of its main ingredient ( neem ) contains a combination of several fatty acids such as stearic, oleic, and linoleic acids.

Not only does this combination heal the scalp but also revitalizes, re-nourishes and conditions rough, dry hair to a silky and smooth texture. For this reason, the oil is commonly used by leading hair specialists in deep-conditioning one’s hair to restore its youthful healthy and shiny allure.

This conditioning of flaking and breaking hair is typically the first step aimed at improving one’s hair thickness naturally and combating a thinning scalp.

5. Help get rid of Heads Lice

In addition to helping one regain and improve their allure of their crown of glory, Neem of Hair Loss is also one of the best remedies currently on the market for treating nits and head lice.

The oil also contains azadirachtin – an industrial insecticidal ingredient – that is capable of disrupting the reproduction and growth of lice.

As a bonus, application of this concoction also seems to help with a majority of hair problems related to an advancing age such as premature hair graying and silvering.


Possible Cons Of Neem Oil

1. Has a strong, Almost Repulsive Odor

Neem oil – one of the primary ingredients of this hair loss remedy – has a rather strong and pungent smell. It is so repulsive to the extent that some users have reported it to being ‘overpowering’ and ‘distasteful.’

Therefore, if you are allergic or sensitive to strong scents, you may want to steer clear of Neem oil.

2. Has to be Warmed before Use

Due to the products high concentration of glycerides and fatty acids in this oil, it exists in a solid state at room temperature. Thus, you have to warm the amount of you want to use in hot water before application


This Neem-oil-based product is best reserved for people predisposed to premature baldness, graying and a damaged scalp but are not sensitive to its characteristic pungent odor.


Neem oil for Hair Loss might have a characteristic pungent odor, but it is certainly reasonably affordable and has a proven track record of helping with hair loss, thinning, flaking, drying and premature graying. You can order it here: