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Why Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo Is Our Number #1 Pick

By Andrea Douglas
Hair Story

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July 17, 2021
Our Number #1 Pick
April Summers

By April Summers

Ruth D. Vaughn, a PTA, CHC, sent us this story talking about her experience with hair thinning and Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo.

A Hairy Story

I flinched as a black figure caught by the shower stream ran down the wall toward my feet. I thought a huge spider was scampering across the tub!

Muffling a squeak, I jumped out, water puddling on the bathmat.

I snatched my glasses from the sink edge and peered at the dark invader.

Oh. My hair wad.

I plopped it into the trash can and finished my shower.

I’ve been washing my hair every third day for a couple of years because whether I lather up every day or twice a week, I still get that same handful of dull brown and curly grey locks.

I want to keep as much of my hair as I can.

I figure two wads a week is much better than seven.

At 59, I’m not trying to impress many people, and, incredibly, I’m not bald yet.

Hair Matters

With ever-increasing changes in lifestyle and eating habits over many years, dermatologists and hair stylists have been challenged by an increasing clientele with hair loss, thinning hair, and miserable scalp problems (1).

Our hair is one of the things people notice about each other.

We make judgment calls about our physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Thinning, sparse hair or an itchy scalp can be devastating for someone interviewing for a job, communicating with a peer, or asking for a date.

Historically, hair has played a big part in self-esteem and individual worth, from the fame of Cleopatra’s long black tresses to the white curly wigs worn by early American upper-class men.

People generally think children with more hair are cuter, men with luscious hair are more virile, and women with silky, voluminous hair are more attractive.

Our hair frames our face, and humans spend billions of dollars every year on beauty products that claim to change our life if we look a certain way.

While we know attraction is often shallow and confidence boosts our appearance significantly, our looks create a lasting impression.

It can be challenging for a person worried about a receding hairline to feel sexy.

Part of aging is that we get to watch our hair change color, texture, and volume.

Many people idealize youth and feel less valuable as they see these physical adjustments taking place (2).

Hair Therapy

Although my hair has always been much thinner than my mom and sisters’ hair, I’ve tried cutting and growing my hair, trying different styles, products, and techniques to make my hair more manageable and attractive.

A few days ago, I read an expert analysis of several shampoos and noted their #1 top-rated option—Clinical Effects Hair Therapy.

I was pleasantly surprised, as I’ve been using some other Clinical Effects supplements for a few months with stunning results.

I received an education on hair growth phases, follicle activity, sebaceous glands, and factors that can support or interrupt hair growth and thinning.

While I anxiously waited for my three-month supply to arrive, I studied:

  • the plant-based ingredient list,
  • the science behind development,
  • customer reviews, and
  • the return policy (3).

I’d rather have luscious (okay, more) hair than send my empty bottles back.

Luxuriant would be nice too but not essential.

They give you 90 days to see a difference or your money back! Better than a refund, but the guarantee was comforting.

It seems like there are a gazillion hair treatment products out there, every product promising us the best hair ever, and until now, I haven’t found one that’s helped replenish my remaining precious strands of scalp cover.

Hair Health

The good news is, Clinical Effects Hair Therapy has only natural ingredients that won’t harm my hair.

At least I’ll probably keep what I still have healthy.

Do you know what they put in most shampoos?

Harsh chemicals, like sulfates, parabens, alcohol, silicones, fragrances (yep, smell good, hurt hair), and formaldehyde!!? Eew.

These substances can damage your immune system, cause skin layers to separate, produce rashes, and inflame your skin leaving it dry and irritated.

Some ingredients, such as parabens which mimic estrogen, triclosan, and retinyl palmitate, are linked to cancer (4).

Every hair follicle on your head has a built-in timer that provides cues to grow new hair, hold onto it, or loosen and push it out (5).

When follicles are under attack due to diet deficiency, lack of nutrients, or the presence of harmful chemicals, growth is disrupted, and hair may fail to grow or be released prematurely (6).

Hair Love

When my package arrived, I checked my new bottles of Clinical Effects Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner.

As promised, they don’t have any of the bad stuff—just some super interesting ingredients I wasn’t familiar with until I looked them up.

The three critical factors listed are:

  • AnaGain™ – Triggers new hair growth by renewing follicles and nourishing roots under the surface of the scalp (7).
  • Baicapil™ - Reduces hair loss by shortening the hair-loss phase of the hair-growth cycle (8).
  • Ultra-pure Biotin – Revitalizes and rejuvenates the scalp using the structural protein keratin to create hair (9).

A high-quality hair loss shampoo must pass the following tests:

  • The source of ingredients is of excellent quality.
  • There aren’t any chemicals harmful to hair or scalp.
  • Manufacturing protocols are top-notch.
  • Research and development science back the products.
  • Third-party testing and reviews are authentic.
  • The price is fair, allowing consumer accessibility.
  • Since results always vary because people are unique, a return policy guarantees customer satisfaction and fair treatment.

Honestly, most shampoos and conditioners I’ve used smell prettier, but my hair therapy this morning was minty clean and felt great.

Since I knew there weren’t any sulfates, I thought it wouldn’t lather well, but it did!

I’m loving my hair today.

After only one use, my curls are softer and fuller.

It reminds me of right after I get my hair cut, and the ends are bouncy and breezy.

I keep wanting to flip my head back and forth to feel it gently brush my face.

I wonder what it’ll feel like in a month.