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The Best Organic Hair Growth Products

By Andrea Douglas
Natural Ingredients

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There are many different treatments and products available for your hair. There’s even more than claim to be “miracles” for your hair. But are they? It’s hard to find a good, organic hair growth treatment for your which works and will benefit you.

Why Choose Organic Rather Than Chemical?

You can find many different organic hair growth treatments on late night infomercials, and on talk shows but why should you choose a natural product over a chemical treatment? Besides the “natural, at home” tips you’ve probably heard to stimulate hair growth like onions, aloe vera, and hot peppers, there are many products on the market with are made from natural ingredients which work.

choosing organic shampoo

But why is it better? Yes the chemical treatments have been studied, tested and mass marketed, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. They contain many different chemicals and chemicals can have side effects, sometimes severe side effects.

Natural is made without harsh chemicals and pretty much anything you can find in a bottle of natural and organic bottle you can find in gardens, forests, etc.

How You Choose Your Product

The same goes for any product actually, you should always do your homework before you purchase it. Natural and organic ingredients are usually grown without the use of any chemicals and pesticides. It’s easy for a product to claim that they’re organic which is why you need to do your research.

If you’re looking into any oil, make sure to find out if it’s been cold pressed or not. Cold pressing is a process in which all of the essential nutrients found in the oil have been restored to make it efficient. If it hasn’t then, it won’t work.

What are the Organic Ingredients in Hair Products

There are so many people in the market claiming to have found the breakthrough cure to baldness. Or that they found the formula to grow your hair back bigger and better than before. Some will say that they can help repair your broken, damaged hair, and who know’s maybe they have.

However, when it comes to natural and organic hair growth products, it is crucial that you make sure there is nothing in it which will cause any irritation or further damage to your hair. So make sure when you purchase an organic product that the ingredients are actually organic.

organic ingredients

Common ingredients you can find in these products are things like aloe vera, onions, and even hot peppers as previously mentioned. Just make sure you read the ingredients lists carefully since anyone can claim their product is natural and organic.

When reading the ingredients, make sure anything you see you know grows in nature. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, rosemary, and sea buckthorn oil. Obviously, the oil part can’t be found in nature, but every one of those items contains the secret to it inside of them.

Oils of pink grapefruit and pumpkin seed extract are also ingredients that are revolutionary when it comes to your hair. When mixed they help strong hair from falling out and can also effectively promote hair growth. It also tends to smell amazing.

A couple of other fantastic ingredients for a good organic hair growth product are things like wheat protein, biotin, vitamin e, and saw palmetto. These ingredients will help stimulate your hair follicles to grow new hair and will ensure your hair grows back healthy and active.

Organic Hair Products For Regrowth

These products may show different results for different people. It all depends on your situation of your hair.

Organic Scalp Follicle Stimulator

This product works wonders when it comes to stimulating your hair follicles. It almost instantly adds thickness and even volume to your hair, and it comes in a spray for easy application. The spray can be used any time of the day to give your hair a boost and results can be visible in just a short month. This product is perfect for those with thinning hair.

Pura D’Or Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

This product contains everything you’ll need to help fight back against hair loss. It contains biotin, pumpkin seed, black cumin seed oil, nettle and other ingredients which will help reduce hair loss and promote volume and growth.

There are many other products which are not only organic but will help you get the hair you loved back. Just make sure you read the ingredients and do your research before you purchase any treatments.

Also please keep in mind that what works for some may not work for all, so if a product doesn’t seem like it’s helping you, stop using it and try again and take a new approach.