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Does Ovation Hair Therapy Really Work?

By Andrea Douglas
Ovation Hair

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Ovation Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a natural part of life that can be attributed to a wide range of factors like nutrient deficiency, illnesses, and stress among many others. Pinpointing the exact cause can be like looking for a needle in a haystack and that’s where hair treatment products come in.

However, finding one that actually works for your hair can be quite a task as well because results vary from one person to another. Something that works for you, may not necessarily work for someone else.

Ovation hair therapy has garnered a lot of attention in recent months with public opinion split on whether it works or not. Is it worth the trouble? Here are a few pointers to help you make up your mind.

How It Works

Ovation hair therapy package consists of three elements: the conditioner, shampoo and of course the cell therapy treatment itself. Cell therapy is the core of the whole treatment and the process basically adds nutrients to the hair using special formula.

The shampoo contains numerous essential components necessary for healthy hair growth like biotin, vitamin E, and apigenin just to mention a few.

The latter for example ensures fluid flow and circulation of blood within the veins. This, in turn, prevents toxin build up while all the while providing important nutrients to the cells responsible for hair growth.

All the components work hand in hand to moisturize the hair, thicken and strengthen it and prevent the buildup of static electricity that dries and damages the hair.

How To Use It

Most hair products work by the repeated lathering and rinsing approach; however, this is not the case with ovation hair therapy. To get the best out of it; use the shampoo first followed by the treatment itself before finishing off with the crème.

There are basically three approaches to this therapy and they include: overnight, shower and leave-in treatment with the overnight night strategy the most effective of the lot. Ovation therapy treatment should be used no more than three times a week.

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Pros of Ovation Hair Therapy

  • Has proven hair breakage reduction capabilities of over eighty percent
  • The treatment incorporates natural products and has few side effects
  • Year-long full money back guarantee
  • Suitable for a wide variety of hair types
  • There is no need to cover your hair before going to bed as the treatment leaves no stains on beddings
  • Works wonders on thin hair
  • Pleasant pineapple-like scent
  • Softens the hair

Cons Of Ovation Hair Therapy

  • Some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the shampoo, in which case it can result in serious irritation of the scalp
  • It makes wet hair incredibly difficult to brush and style
  • The whole treatment package costs upwards of $ 100 which is quite extravagant considering other hair products that get the job done just as well
  • It has traces of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that has been tied to a number of illnesses

While Ovation hair treatment has its fair share of flaws, it is a product worth considering. It has received a lot of good reviews on Amazon and across the internet in general so it must be doing something right.

Furthermore, the fact that it has a 365 money back guarantee is a testament to the manufacture’s confidence in the treatment and makes for a good buy as result.

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