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Profollica Hair Loss Treatment

By Andrea Douglas
use profollica for hair loss

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The Profollica hair loss treatment is a method of treatment that is natural and mainly developed for men. This system works to stop or prevent hair loss by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone. Provillus consists of three products which are Profollica shower gel, shampoo, and nutritional supplement. We tried Profollica for 60 days and found it to be a safe and effective method to naturaly grow your hair. You can read addioniona hair loss pill reviews on our complete review here.

How Does This Method Of Treatment Work?

Profollica mainly provides the body with certain minerals and vitamins that are quite essential for the body. It provides important herbal extracts and nutrients that are able to promote and nourish healthy hair. You can intake the Profollica supplement before or after you have applied the Gel or shampoo after taking a shower. If you use the shampoo before taking a bath, it acts as a cleaner and removes any strands of hair. If you start noticing some signs of hair loss like a hairline that is receding while you’re in the shower or on the pillow after waking up, you can stop the hair loss by using an efficient and natural method of treatment.

The profollica hair loss treatment mainly helps in fortifying your hair and also nourishing your scalp.

Benefits Of This Method Of Treatment

There are many benefits of using Profollica that you can read about below:

  • Naturally promotes the growth of new hair
  • Plays a big role in regulating the production of sebum and also oiliness of scalp
  • Stimulates both the availability of nutrients to the hair follicles and also blood circulation
  • Increases the texture, elasticity and quality of your hair
  • Greatly improves the sheen, suppleness and the body of your hair
  • Provides the body with important vitamins that prevent the loss of hair
  • Protects you against harmful damage by the sun
  • It is able to awaken some of the hair follicles that are dormant by returning them back to the growth phase
  • It also restores the color of your hair and prevents premature greying.


  • The Profollica hair gel and shampoo are able to combine efficiently to deal with the issue of DHT that is responsible for hair loss
  • It is made from natural ingredients that are active
  • It also removes the hair that is comprised of sebum that is filled with unwanted DHT. It replaces it with moisture that is found in the gel
  • It plays a major role in stimulating hair growth and maintaining the health of dormant hair


  • It doesn’t produce immediate results
  • Doesn’t play any role for women who experience hair loss that is caused by other causes other than DHT
  • The treatment is moderately expensive and not affordable to everyone
  • It can only work on a particular degree of severity of the hair loss condition

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