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Protein, Hair loss, and Guava

By Andrea Douglas
Normal Hair Loss

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The fitness community is always expanding. As the popularity of healthy lifestyles grows, more people are engaging in physical activities. There has never been a better time to get involved and take action to improve your health.

With the pursuit of physical beauty, many people are working supplements into their diets. These supplements enhance performance or help rejuvenate muscle at an accelerated rate.

The most popular fitness supplement available is protein powder. It contains high levels of protein and other muscle development additives. Promises of fast weight gain and muscle development encourages consumers to buy these products.

While the results may be accurate, people who use these products could be in for a surprise. Some of the additives in these products are linked to hair loss for the people who use them.

The Science Behind the Facts

Supplements use Creatine and inorganic growth hormones to speed up muscle development. Yet, they may cause a hormonal imbalance.

Medical professionals state that these additives raise testosterone levels. This is beneficial for the development of muscle as testosterone promotes growth. As testosterone breaks down it releases a new chemical compound called DHT. This compound inhibits the growth of new hair follicles.

Most of the time these additives only impact people who are predisposed to balding. Yet, some people may witness thinning in their hair despite avoiding these products.

What Protein Powder is Safe?

People that want to keep using protein, should avoid products with artificial growth products. Using a protein powder with natural ingredients allows muscle growth with minimal damage.

What if the damage is already done?

There is an existing market of hair loss shampoos with different levels of effectiveness.

Some of these products stimulate hair follicles and encourage the growth of hair. If you don’t want to use chemicals for your hair, there’s a new natural alternative to combat hair loss.

I lava Guava

The leaves of the tropical fruit tree, guava, are linked to restoring the growth of hair.

Scientists explain that high levels of Vitamin B in the leaves helps to stimulate hair growth.

When you apply the leaves to your scalp and hair, it strengthens the roots and the hair becomes thicker.

How to use Guava?

  1. Take a small handful of guava leaves and boil them for twenty minutes
  2. Strain and let the leaves cool
  3. Once cooled, apply to leaves on the scalp and the hair
  4. Let the oils from the leaves remain on the head for a couple hours before rinsing

When trying to combat hair loss it’s important to investigate all your options. Healthy, safe, and natural alternatives are available to prevent thinning hair and stimulate growth.