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Does Rogaine Beard Work? Our Minoxidil For Beards Guide

By Andrea Douglas
rogaine for beard

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Alright, guys, there are many women out there just waiting to get their hands on a real man. And do you know what helps make a man?

That’s right, a beard.

But growing a beard is not a task for the weak. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and persistence to grow a beard. They typically take about four weeks to grow and a very itchy period in between.

It doesn’t come in the way you were expecting, and you see spotty parts throughout your face? Rogaine Beard, in theory, should be able to help you grow a fuller beard.

Rogaine For Beard Uncovered

Rogaine was originally used to lower blood pressure. But when the patients taking it discovered they had longer, thicker, and even regrown hair it was made into a topical form and sold as a miracle hair growth medication. Seriously, for many men and women it has been a miracle. In this form is causes hair growth on the scalp and helps correct the effects of hereditary hair loss.

Now when it comes to using Rogaine on your face, technically it should be able to help you grow a beard. However, before you try it just please keep in mind that it’s never been proven to work in any studies and it hasn’t been FDA approved for facial use.

Applying Rogaine to your face could result in things like irritated skin, and possibly an outbreak of acne. If it’s applied in large amounts, it may cause serious side effects such as either a drop or rise in your blood pressure, and in some men, it caused heart palpitations.

However, there has been some success in others using Rogaine when it came to things like patching up their spotty beards. Others have seen minimal results. It’s important to keep in mind that Rogaine can sometimes overstimulate hair growth where there are already existing hair follicles.

Although it’s important to understand that if you apply Rogaine to patches where there are no hair follicles exist, then it won’t help you grow your beard.

Does Rogaine Work For Your Beard?

The purpose of Rogaine is to treat thinning hair, and hair loss in both men and women. However, it’s meant to treat these problems on your head. It’s never been FDA proven, or tested, that Rogaine can help you grow a beard. But surely that hasn’t stopped people from trying and try they have.

From most reviews and posts online in beard forums, people have mixed feelings and mixed results when it comes to using Rogaine to help you grow a beard. For some, it’s worked like a miracle, and they’ve never had any problems, some have even grown too much hair.

Side Effects And Situations
Others, however, weren’t so lucky. Some men suffered serious side effects such as horrible acne breakouts, rashes and peeling dry skin, even heart palpitations as mentioned above.
It’s been argued by some that since you’re applying it to a part of your body which has good blood circulation that it may get into your bloodstream and flow through your body. If this were to occur then your risk of side effects increases significantly.

It can also promote hair growth other places on the body which isn’t always the ideal situation for some men.

Some men who found it helped with their beard growth said that it fell out as fast as it came when they stopped using Rogaine on their face.

When it comes to using Rogaine to help you start to grow or fill in your beard, there are a few things you need to think about first. First things first, even though you could walk in and buy it from your local drug or superstore, it’s still a medication. Always consult your doctor before you start a new medication seeing as it could seriously affect any other medications you may also be taking.

Another thing to think about is the side effects. Is risking something like heart palpitations or even acne breakouts worth it? Try testing small amounts and see how your skin reacts. If there are no problems and everything seems and feels fine then go for it!

For most men, it seems as though Rogaine Beard will work on their face to help grow beards. But it’s not a quick process and can take months to see results. So if you’re ready and able than see if you can find a sale on Rogaine and good luck with your beard!