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Toji Pure Density Hair Vitamin Supplement Review

By Andrea Douglas
tojji pure density hair vitamin

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How does the Toji Pure Density Supplement Facilitate Hair Growth?

The Toji Pure Density hair vitamin supplement is designed to facilitate hair to grow thicker, faster and stronger. This proprietary formula includes a special mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support hair nutrition, hormonal balance, and circulation.

Most customers who use this supplement will notice the results around 2-3 months of recommended usage, with full results noticeable after 6 months.

This is not an overnight solution, but maintaining the regimen will lead to healthier hair in the long term. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. at a FDA-inspected, CGMP-certified facility.

Features of Toji Pure Density Hair Vitamin Supplement

Comprehensive Formula

This unique vegetarian formula incorporates 34 ingredients to give a comprehensive approach to healthy hair.

Nutritional Support

The hair supplement includes Biotin, MSM, and Horsetail Extract which increases nutrition to support the healthy growth of hair.

Hormonal Support

Includes DHT Blockers, Saw Palmetto Extract and other ingredients which block hormones that lead to hair loss while promoting hormones that facilitate healthy hair growth.

Circulation Support

The hair supplement includes Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, and other ingredients that allow for proper blood circulation and transportation of nutrients to the scalp.

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Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage with Toji Pure Density supplement is to take two tablets in the morning and two at night before sleep. Toji Pure Density also states that for the best possible results you should use the product for at least six months, I know some might think this is a long shot but patience pays they say.

However, most other customers reported that it took only a few weeks to see results. To maintain the results, it goes without saying customers are encouraged to continue taking the multivitamins.

Side Effects of the Hair Supplement

The side effects of this product are quite rare which is why it is considered safe for long term use. However, it does contain soy, and since every person reacts differently to this ingredient, it is recommended that you take a look at all the ingredients carefully and consult your physician before using it.

In the case of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the product, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Who is it Best Suited For?

The Toji Pure Density supplement is an ideal product to support hair growth for both women and men who are vegetarian.


  • Completely vegetarian.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Slows down hair loss and shedding.
  • Amazing packaging and customer service.


  • It takes over three months to actually deliver any real results.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two options available to the customers. One is to buy a 30 day supply which is one bottle priced at $14.95 while the other option is to buy a 90 day supply that comes to $106.95.

You can buy it from Amazon at $18.95.

Although it will take a bit of time to see results, it’s worth the money. I have been using this supplement for a while now and I must admit that I have not had my hair this healthy.

Toji Pure Density supplement is a great hair product, especially for its straightforward directions, and the all-natural and vegetarian ingredients. Overall, I can see myself using this product a lot more in the future.