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Will Laser Hair Therapy Be the Best Treatment For You?

By Andrea Douglas
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If you notice some thinning on top, it can be difficult and discouraging. Fortunately, there are so many treatments and products readily available to help combat hair loss, and restore your confidence.

One of those treatments uses lasers!

Lasers seem to do everything these days. They remove tattoos, remove hair, cut metal, and now they have restorative power!

Professionals are able to use a laser to help revitalize damaged or thinning hair.

What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy is a procedure that painlessly, safely, and effectively combats hair loss. The treatment has no side effects, because it uses over 100 non-thermal cool lasers, and produces a therapeutic light.

How Does It Work?

Scientists explain that the when the low-frequency light, emitted by the lasers, is applied to the scalp it aids in preventing further hair loss and increases growth. A twenty-minute exposure is able to start follicle stimulation, increase blood and oxygen flow to the scalp.

Who Can Use Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy can help anyone that has fine or thin hair, hereditary hair loss, or those experiencing hair loss from medications or stress.

This form of treatment is for any person concerned about hair loss, wanting a safe and more natural solution. Laser hair therapy is a drug-free solution that helps hair natural hair growth, for those who wish to avoid using a wig or extensions.

Can I Use Other Treatments As Well?

Other products can be used throughout the laser hair therapy treatment, however, most people will see results soon without the use of any products.

Some treatment centers may suggest the use of natural hair loss shampoo, or to take additional vitamins or natural creams to assist in hair growth.

When trying to conquer hair loss it is important to be vigilant and evaluate all possible options. Laser hair therapy is a safe effective treatment and may be right for you!