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5 Best Hair Growth Supplements For Men and Women

By Andrea Douglas
Best Hair Loss Supplements Review

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5 Best Hair Growth Supplements For Men and Women

Like a Ferrari production plant where luxury automobiles are painstakingly assembled from carefully crafted parts, hair growth depends on a number of carefully coordinated systems that work together. It’s no secret that supplements can have a positive effect on other parts of your body, such as your immune system and your heart.

Can hair growth supplements have a similar effect on hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) to promote healthy hair growth naturally? Absolutely. In order to understand why, first it’s important to know how your hair grows.

#1 Hair Growth Supplement - Procerin For Men
#1 Hair Growth Supplement - Procerin For Men
    • Works Safely and Naturally
    • Can Promote New Hair Growth
    • All Natural Ingredients
    • Clinical Studies Show 94% of Users Saw Results

How Do Hair Growth Supplements Work?

Normally, hair growth depends on four principle elements:

  1. Hair Follicles: These create new hair fibers using proteins called collagen and keratin.
  2. Blood Vessels: By providing oxygen, nutrients, and energy to each hair root, blood vessels stimulate cell growth.
  3. Oil Glands: As the hair strand grows upward, a special oil gland coats it with protective oils that nourish the new hair and keep it hydrated, strong and healthy.
  4. New Hair Follicles: As older hair goes through a period of regeneration, new follicles grow replacement strands of healthy hair.

Every step in this natural cycle depends on having proper nutrients and amino acids to care for follicles, stimulate new hair growth, and produce the proteins responsible for hair regrowth. What are the best hair growth pills for healthy hair?

5 Best Hair Growth Supplements

Procerin Hair Loss Supplement

Procerin Supplement

Procerin is our Top Choice for the for a single supplement that provides all the key hair regrowth ingredients in one convenient pill. They have the best customer service and guarantee of any product we tested. Procerin has been clinically tested with 94% of users seeing slowed hair loss and 93% recommending the product.

The powerful DHT blocking formula is the best way to naturally fight hair loss.

  • Price: $26.95
  • Guarantee: 90 Days
  • Our Rating: 4.9

We have a full review of Procerin Here.

Provillus Hair Therapy System

Provillus Hair Therapy System

Provillus Hair Therapy helps men and women prevent hair loss, regrow new hair while rejuvenating hair follicles. They are fully FDA licensed and have a full 90-day guarantee.

Provillus is backed by a 120-day clinical study where almost 100% experienced thicker hair with increased volume and shine.

  • Price: 42.95
  • Guarantee:
  • Our Rating: 4.7

Profollica System

Profollica System

Profollica Hair Recovery System is a Cosmetic Surgeon Recommended natural treatment for hair loss.

Profollica contains both a daily supplement and an activator gel that when used together reduces hair loss and helps regrow hair. Profollica is highly recommended by Dr. Dave David, a board certified surgeon.

You can read more about Profollica here.

  • Price: $59.95
  • Guarantee: 67 Days
  • Our Rating: 4/5



Viviscal Professional is one of Amazon’s highest-rated products.

They claim to be the #1 best selling hair growth supplement worldwide for both men and women. Interestingly Viviscal is backed by 3 different double blind 6-month clinical trials.

In one of the studies, participants experienced reduced hair shedding by 18.3%. In another study, 75.3% of the participants experienced a decrease in hair loss.

  • Price: $39.95
  • Guarantee: 90 Days
  • Our Rating: 4/5

You can read more about Viviscal here.



Progressive Health’s Advecia is one of the lesser know but more powerful brands on the market today. The product contains clinically proven organic ingredients such as Beta-sitosterol, L-Arginine, and others.

They have the best customer service of all companies tested and have an unconditional 6-money back guarantee. Progressive Health has been around for over 20 years and has a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Price: $39.95
  • Guarantee: 90 Days
  • Our Rating: 4/5

Best Hair Growth Supplements Info graphic

The Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Faster Growth: Biotin

Best Hair Growth Vitamins

If you’ve never heard of biotin supplements before, don’t worry. You probably already know biotin as vitamin B7.

No matter what you call it, this vital hair component should rapidly become one of your best friends on the road to faster hair growth.

Biotin has its little hands in virtually every system related to hair growth, including energy production, red blood cell creation and keratin synthesis.

Like any complex machine, your body needs fuel to carry out every task, ranging from huge feats such as causing your heart to beat 60–100 times a minute to the vital process of building new cells.

The body’s energy sources also drive the work performed by hair follicles, increasing both the quantity and speed of strand growth.

  • Keratin Production: Keratin and collagen are the two main proteins that make up the structure of hair. Without keratin, everything else grinds to a halt. Fortunately, with the help of biotin, your hair remains strong, flexible and lively.There are keratin hair supplements that can directly help with hair regrowth.
  • Red Blood Cell Production: Biotin supplements also boost your red blood cell count. In addition to the myriad of overall health benefits this brings, additional red blood cells deliver increased oxygen, literally the lifeblood of cell operation, to your hair follicles and scalp.

Your hair is already one of the fastest growing types of cells in your body, and B7 allows the process to happen at maximum speed.

A 2015 study found that women experiencing biotin deficiency had significant hair growth after their biotin levels were strengthened in the affected areas.

Natural sources Egg yolks, dairy products, liver and other meats, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and avocados.

The Best Hair Growth Supplements for Healthy Hair: Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C for the body are essentially limitless.

This plentiful and spectacular nutrient has positive effects on your immune system, emotional health, organ functioning, and cell structure. What makes it so awesome for healthy, attractive hair?

  • Powerful Antioxidant Effects: Ascorbic acid protects every cell in your body from free radicals, which many scientists believe cause cells to stop working correctly.Antioxidants protect your hair follicles and the cells responsible for healthy hair growth, making sure the process continues normally.
  • Collagen Production: Without vitamin C, your body can’t produce collagen, one of the main components of healthy hair and supple skin. There are a number of excellent collagen supplements that can help your hair grow.
  • Iron Absorption: Another of the essential nutrients for hair growth and good nutrient circulation, iron needs to be absorbed by the body to be useful.

With sufficient vitamin C, every component related to hair growth gets a boost, which enhances the effects of other essential nutrients.

One study from 2006 analyzed patients with androgenic alopecia who were treated with vitamin C and found significant growth stimulation in the hair and scalp, which indicates a link between it and hair follicle growth.

In this study they also found that men with male pattern baldness (alopecia areta) saw significant results after supplementing with Vitamin C.

Natural sources: Mango, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, broccoli, cabbage, red peppers and tomatoes.

The Best Hair Growth Pills For Lasting Effects: Vitamin A

Cells are constantly active. In fact, your body replaces around 96 million cells every minute! The force that helps in all of this cellular division is vitamin A, a vital substance controlling growth cycles for every cell in the body, including hair cells. It offers many benefits:

  • Scalp Moisturizing: Assists in producing a substance called sebum. This natural oil keeps scalp and skin fully hydrated, protecting it from damage and nourishing hair follicles.
  • Cell Health: At the level of your hair’s roots, natural oils are essential for keeping it healthy, flexible and shiny.
  • Antioxidant Effects: The significant antioxidant properties protect hair strands from premature damage and environmental factors like UV rays.

Proper levels of this promote optimal hair growth and longevity, leading to hair that is healthy, lustrous and more abundant.

According to a paper produced by the Ohio State University, researchers found that it is “critically important in the development and maintenance of multiple epithelial tissues, including skin, hair, and sebaceous glands.”

Getting the proper amount of Vitamin A can directly stimulate hair growth in both men and women.

Natural sources: Milk, yogurt, eggs, spinach, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes and cod liver oil.

Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth

While the three nutrients mentioned above are essential for hair growth, they’re all a lot more effective when they have some company along for the ride.

Certain other nutrients either interact positively with them or work side by side to strengthen supporting body systems. Here’s a list of additional helpful natural compounds:

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Effect: Strand formation

Related to energy production and protein structure, riboflavin is like the architect behind a huge skyscraper. Riboflavin makes sure hair cells are constructed properly, contributing to better hair formation and strength.

Without it, strands are vulnerable to breakage and hair shedding.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Effect: Increased blood circulation

Improved blood circulation and nutrient distribution ensures that energy, moisture and other vital components reach all hair and skin cells.

Niacin also makes the blood vessels connected to hair roots expand, increasing the amount of nutrients available.

Panothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Effect: Hair flexibility and strength

Popular with hair care experts, pantothenic acid contributes to longer, thicker and more resilient hair fibers that resist fraying and damage.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)

Effect: Improved liver function

While not directly affecting hair cells, pyridoxine 6 is still good to have around because of its detoxifying effects.

The liver removes harmful elements from your blood, including toxic chemicals and other contaminants that can have a negative effect on hair growth.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

Effect: Cellular stress relief

Folic acid contributes to good hair health indirectly because of its ability to reduce cortisol levels, a hormone related to stress.

When you feel happy and energetic, so does your body. Think of B9 as something that invites all of your hair cells to one big party.

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Effect: Red blood cell production B12

Let’s forget about trying to pronounce the scientific name and and focus on its beneficial effects instead.

Put simply, without vitamin B12, your body can’t produce red blood cells.

Healthy hair needs the energy and nutrients from red blood cells to function, so vitamin B12 is very important in its own way.

Vitamin D

Effect: New hair follicle creation

The official best friend of thinning hair, it provides a boost in three major ways: revitalizing inactive roots, keeping active hair healthy and building entirely new hair follicles from scratch.

More hair follicles is always a good thing, leading to a more abundant head of healthy hair for men and women alike.

Vitamin E

Effect: Scalp health and repair

Your scalp has a different secret crush and its benefits for your skin are practically miraculous, ranging from reduced inflammation and better blood circulation to antioxidant effects and injury healing. Vitamin E increases the amount of moisture available to skin and hair, and it helps to rebuild sun burnt scalp tissue.


Effect: Preventing dry and brittle hair

Iron contributes to the production of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body.

This improves the amount of nutrients that reach your heart, liver and brain, as well as all your scalp and skin cells, enabling hair follicles to step up hair growth.

A lack of iron results in fragile hair strands.


Effect: Hormonal balance

Few nutrients are as involved in keeping hair roots and fibers healthy as zinc. Zinc keeps an eye on your oil glands, making sure they’re coating new hair correctly. It also repairs and rejuvenates the protein components in dry and damaged hair and increases hair follicle regrowth.

If you want shiny, bouncy hair that’s full of life, don’t skip the zinc.


Effect: Nutrient absorption

Your body needs a way to convert hair growth nutrients floating around your bloodstream into something it can use. Enter magnesium.

This enzyme-related element assists in breaking down nutrients into usable compounds and creating new proteins for hair production. One of these compounds is melanin, responsible for giving your hair its natural color.

Omega Fatty Acids

Effect: Strand thickness

Not all fats are bad for you. In fact, certain oils are exceptional at taking care of your body’s systems.

Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are widely praised for their health benefits for your heart, but they also work wonders for your hair, hydrating cells from the inside.

This leads to a moist, healthy scalp and healthier hair.


Effect: Improved thyroid function

While the body doesn’t need much selenium, the trace amounts it does require are absolutely vital for thyroid operation, which is directly involved in hair growth.

Selenium also helps with skin repair, which is why it’s often included in anti-dandruff shampoos.

What Are Hair Growth Supplements?

Many people need several supplements to keep the body’s nutrient levels balanced properly. Hair growth pills group a number of nutrients related to hair follicles and growth processes together.

These dietary supplements also carefully measure the right amounts of each nutrient, making sure you don’t get too much of any one nutrient.

Some people opt for a targeted supplement, such as folic acid, when there’s a specific nutrient that their body is lacking.

Because medical conditions can dictate special dietary needs, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor to avoid any possible interactions.

What Foods Promote Natural Hair Growth?

Foods Promote Natural Hair Growth

A diverse diet with plenty of fruits, proteins, veggies, nuts, grains and legumes can go a long way towards helping your hair to grow better. These foods are effective because of the mixture of natural hair growth nutrients they contain.

Here are the best foods for your hair:


It turns out that the incredible edible egg is great at more than creating lively breakfasts. Eggs are a good source of biotin, protein, zinc and selenium.

Sweet Potatoes

The next time you’re thinking of making mashed potatoes, why not swap them out for sweet potato puree or baked sweet potatoes instead?

Opting for these sweet tubers gives you three to four times the amount of vitamin A you need for the day, thanks to their high beta-carotene content.

Bell Peppers

If you’re in need of a major boost of vitamin C, it may shock you to know that sweet peppers can easily give oranges a run for their money.

Bell peppers have over five times the amount of Vitamin C that oranges have.


As another awesome source of vitamin C, limes also outshine oranges, and they have a refreshing pop of tartness.

All citrus fruits are easy to add to meals thanks to their versatility, from fresh juice to a healthy salad tossed with orange or grapefruit slices.

Pumpkin Seeds

Nuts and seeds in general provide nutrients such as zinc, iron and protein, but pumpkin seeds are especially good for this.

They’re high in magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.


Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t always easy to come by, but salmon is practically swimming in the heart-happy, hair-nourishing fats.

The mouthwatering fish is also a good source of selenium and vitamins A and D.


Popeye seems to have been ahead of his time when it comes to science-based hair care: Just one cup of spinach gives you over half of your daily requirements of vitamin A.

These essential leafy greens also provide abundant folic acid and iron.


Irresistible, naturally sweet treats, fresh and dried figs are also surprisingly good for your hair.

Each fig contains a significant amount of magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins A and E, making them great for healthy desserts with a beneficial hair-growth twist.

Whole Grains

A great way to fill up on biotin and zinc, whole grains are also one of the prime sources of natural magnesium.

Since magnesium improves nutrient absorption, this means that eating whole grains such as brown rice, oats, whole wheat or corn on the cob as part of a meal with other growth-boosting foods increases the total benefits your receive from everything.


Perhaps kelp isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning meals, but there are solid reasons to learn more about this favorite Asian cuisine.

Kelp hides endless nutrients within its mild-mannered exterior, ranging from magnesium and folic acid to zinc and the elusive DHT-interrupting amino acid l-lysine.

#1 Hair Growth Supplement - Procerin For Men
#1 Hair Growth Supplement - Procerin For Men
    • Works Safely and Naturally
    • Can Promote New Hair Growth
    • All Natural Ingredients
    • Clinical Studies Show 94% of Users Saw Results

Are Hair Growth Supplements Better Than Nutrients From Fresh Foods?

The key to taking care of your hair and skin, and promoting regeneration and growth, is to have the right levels of nutrients that your body needs.

How you choose to get those essential hair growth supplements is up to you and often depends on your lifestyle.

Herbal hair supplements are designed to “supplement,” or work together with, a healthy diet, not replace it.

However, it’s also important to recognize that the fast pace of life doesn’t always allow for making meals from scratch every day.

If you find it hard to meet the recommended daily amounts of nutrients because of a tight schedule, you’re definitely not alone.

That’s where biotin supplements and other natural hair care compounds, such as castor oil or rosemary oil, can prove especially helpful.

They give you the right amount of certain nutrients needed for taking great care of your hair every day.

To learn more about effective natural hair growth treatment methods, check out our other well-researched articles geared towards your specific needs.

You’ll never regret experiencing the natural hair care difference when you smile at yourself in the mirror every morning!

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