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Discover Brotzu Lotion for Hair Loss

By Andrea Douglas
treat hair loss with Brotzu lotion

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Brotzu: A Well Respected Hair Loss Lotion

Hair loss, commonly known as alopecia is a genetic autoimmune condition that affects approximately 2% of the world population. It is non-infectious and can occur to anyone regardless of age, sex or skin.

Some people are adversely affected by it that they consider it to be an actual disease. The main effect is the aesthetic changes it causes in people which can lead to psychological problems like loss of confidence, embarrassment, insecurity and even depression.

Many methods have been described for prevention and treatment of hair loss. One lotion invented by an Italian Doctor Giovanni Brotzu caused much buzz when it was said to have reversed hair loss.

Brotzu, a respected vascular surgeon, discovered the treatment while working on diabetes patients. He noticed that after applying the lotion to patients’ limbs, it caused increased circulation that led to hair growth.

He then tested it on the head of a balding male nurse and noticed hair regrowth.

brotzu lotion for hair loss

He then needed to conduct lengthy and expensive trials for which he approached Fidia, a pharmaceutical company. Fidia has been testing the drug and will be in charge of its commercialization.

The lotion’s main ingredients are DGLA, Equol, and L-Propionyl-Carnitine.

Many people believe the lotion will work as Dr. Brotzu is a respected doctor and wouldn’t want to discreet his career over a substandard product he doesn’t believe in.

Brotzu Lotion Pros:

The lotion is said to work on different types of hair loss. This includes hair loss due to poor diet, hereditary factors, some diseases, medical treatments, hormonal changes, and stress.

Therefore, it can not only regrow hair but can lead to the generation of new hair. The product is also said to work on both men and women.

No prescription will be needed to acquire this medication. It will be an over the counter product that can be accessed by anyone and at any time.

Dr. Brotzu and the team have been working hard to ensure the ingredients are safe for everyone regardless of physical or health condition. The lotion is said that it will be marketed as a cosmetic product and not a drug

The lotion is also expected to be affordable. There have been rumors it will not cost more than 100 Euros. This is fair if it works compared to other methods like hair restoration surgery.

The lotion is said to work faster that most hair products. Results of hair growth were observed after 30 days of use. For other medications, you have to wait months before you see the first signs.

Brotzu Lotion Cons:

The product is said to only exist in lotion form. There has been no mention of sprays or jelly. This can be a downturn for people with sensitive skins that can be allergic to lotions.

Even with the hype, there is little-proven evidence of it working on people. Very few images have been released. There have been many years of trials, and its commercial release keeps being postponed.

The latest update from Fidia’s website on 10th January 2017, said that the study was still in progress and they cannot give an accurate time frame when it would be available.

Many think that it only works in theory but fails practically.

Get Your Brotzu Hair Loss Lotion Today!

The lotion is suitable for younger patients who are undergoing the earlier stages of hair loss. Dr. Brotzu specified people below 30 years. This can be as a result of the alopecia not having progressed so much.

Young people still have many active hair follicles despite no hair growth. Young people also tend to respond better to medication.

For these people, Bronzo lotion is said to result in total hair restoration that can lead to a normal appearance. Older people can still use it, but the results will not be as good.