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Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Review

By Andrea Douglas
PhytoWorx Review

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Have you ever been in a situation when you were worried about how your thinning hair will look for a big occasion or event?

Your thinning hair or patchy balding areas always seem to keep you from looking your best, and is a constant source of embarrassment.

If only there was some miracle cure or a miracle shampoo for hair that was designed specifically to treat hair loss, thinning hair or patchy balding areas…

We get it. You are frustrated and tired of trying product after product without seeing results.

Money is constantly going out, but hair isn’t growing in. So, what do you do to make sure you look your best?

So, you peruse the cosmetic and hair care treatment aisle at your local pharmacy or department store to try and find a quick and affordable shampoo for hair.

However, you are only presented with a new challenge: There are so many products, how do you know which one will provide you with desired results?

Not to mention, there are many hair loss products that claim that they are made with “organic” or “natural” ingredients, but are they really?

We are pleased to tell you that we may have the solution for a truly organic anti-hair loss shampoo. We have spent weeks researching various organic hair loss products to find one that is truly organic and made with natural ingredients, and that also provides quality, desired hair regrowth results.

So, before you run out to purchase your next anti-hair loss shampoo to help treat thin hair, read this complete Phytoworx Shampoo review.

This complete guide and review will arm you with the information you need to make a better decision about the type of organic hair loss shampoo that actually works, so you don’t fall for another marketing scheme…

Intrigued? Read on for a complete Phytoworx Shampoo review.

Our Top Pick for the Best Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

We based our research and reviews on several criteria, including truly natural and organic ingredients, overall results, and customer reviews and feedback.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is a product that has earned a lot of positive feedback and reviews from consumers all over the world, so we had to research it to find out why customers love it and why it works so well.

Here are the top benefits we have collected from our research on Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo:

  • Hair loss formula designed to treat thin hair and hair loss
  • Formula designed with plant stem cells and essential oils for best organic blend
  • Rare Plant Stem Cells (Malus Domestica) originating from Switzerland combined with organic ingredients
  • Sulfate-free organic shampoo
  • Proven to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Designed for any hair type
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Does not cause dryness or irritation
  • Does not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is designed with a unique blend of active organic ingredients, including stem cells and essential oils that derived from rare plants from Switzerland.

This formula of natural and truly organic ingredients has proven to help individuals grow strong, thick, and healthier hair for a complete hair recovery system.

Additionally, another primary benefit is that Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo does not contains sulfates, which means it does not cause scalp irritation, dryness or dandruff.

From our research, the majority of consumers who have tried Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo have seen desired results and are happy with the product overall.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss

Did you know that the average adult loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day?

So, if you think are the only one in your age group who suffers from hair loss, think again.

Hair loss affects both men and women in all age groups. The hair loss and hair regrowth process differs with each individual.

For example, some individuals may experience patchy balding areas or thinning hair on the scalp whereas others will experience permanent hair loss.

But What Causes Hair Loss?

It is genetics or environmental—or both?

Hair loss becomes evident when the hair regrowth cycle is interrupted due to destroyed or impaired hair follicles. When this happens, scar tissue replaces hair follicles on the scalp, which prevents hair regrowth.

It’s also important to note that hair loss isn’t necessarily caused by something you are doing—or not doing.

Hair loss is caused by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Extreme stress and tension
  • Skin diseases and conditions
  • Existing medical conditions and illnesses
  • Medications and treatments (such as chemotherapy to help treat cancer)
  • Vitamin or nutritional deficiency
  • Hormonal imbalance (common in women who are pregnant or who are menopausal)
  • Excessive chemical treatments
  • Aggressive hair styling
  • Male pattern baldness
  • A lack of sleep
  • Aging

How Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Works

So, how does this organic shampoo work to treat hair loss?

We wanted to know, too, so we did some further research on the Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo hair loss formula.

The plant stem cells that are present in this formula are scientifically known as Malus Domestica.

These plant cells are sourced from a Swiss apple, which when combined with the right blend of essential organic oils, including Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus, they are proven to help restore scalp health and promote superior hair regrowth.

This sulfate-free anti-dandruff shampoo helps to maintain the overall healthy and stability of the hair follicles, which is the “root” of hair growth.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Ingredients

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo, the benefits of each ingredient, and how each one has its own super important function in the organic hair loss formula.

Aloe Vera Juice – Aloe vera is also known as Vitamin E. There are a number of health benefits to Vitamin E, the primary benefits being healthy hair and skin. Vitamin E contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which have been used throughout centuries to help treat skin diseases and infections.

As a result, Vitamin E is almost necessary in any natural and organic formula for skin care products and hair shampoo and conditioner products.

The Aloe vera plant properties help protect the scalp and help stimulate new hair growth.

In fact, Aloe Vera, and its extracts is one of the largest products manufactured in the botanical industry worldwide.

Malus Domestica Stem Cells – As mentioned briefly above, Malus Domestica Stem Cells is a natural ingredient based on a Swiss apple, and are known for their anti-aging effects, particularly in the hair follicles.

Over time, stem cells help delay the deterioration and break down of hair follicles, keeping hair healthy longer and even aid in hair loss prevention.

Studies have actually shown that these stem cells improve characteristics of skin and hair cells.

Licorice Extract – Licorice doesn’t just help satisfy the sweet tooth. Believe it or not, licorice also contains nourishing ingredients that are vital to hair health and also make an appearance in Phytoworx hair shampoo.

In fact, according to studies performed by the University of Maryland, licorice has been used as a form of medicine to treat various conditions, such as infections, illnesses, liver diseases, eczema and even the common cold.

Furthermore, licorice is also beneficial to help reverse and correct hair loss caused by chemical damage, dyes, and stress on the hair.

In regards to the formula in Phytoworx hair shampoo, licorice can also help with hair loss prevention.

How to Use Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

Now that you have a better understanding of what causes hair loss and also what makes up the proprietary blend in this organic hair loss shampoo, how does it work?

How Is This Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Used?

There aren’t any special instructions for using Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo; simply use it just as you would with any ordinary shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Use a quarter-sized amount of shampoo.
  2. Lather it on wet hair.
  3. Massage the scalp. (Massaging the scalp has proven to help stimulate hair follicles.)
  4. Allow the shampoo to sit for several minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

That’s all there is to it.

You can also condition the hair afterward, if this is a part of your daily shampoo or hair care routine.

It is also safe to apply additional products, such as hair spray, mousse or other styling products to help style hair after rinsing.

Another benefit to using Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is that the proprietary formula is designed with a natural and organic blend of ingredients, as we reviewed in detail above.

Therefore, this hair loss shampoo is sulfate-free, which means it does not cause scalp dryness or irritation. So, say goodbye to dry skin flakes from showing up on your clothes or ruining your pictures.

This factor alone is a great reason to give Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo a try.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo provides individuals with a truly pleasant, effective, and quality hair loss treatment and hair loss prevention solution, and an experience that is also safe and provides long-term benefits rather than a temporary solution.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Reviews

Like any product, there is bound to be a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Although the majority of Phytoworx reviews were positive, we had to investigate the negative reviews as well to provide you, our readers, with the most information possible.

Here is a summary of pros and cons of using Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo for treating hair loss:

Positive Phytoworx Reviews

The majority of consumers who purchased Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo discovered that it did in fact help promote stronger hair re-growth and also helped it bounce back from chemical damage, heat styling, and other issues.

The proprietary organic hair loss formula helps to restore hair follicle growth, resulting in healthy hair and scalp.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo also helped users treat, calm, and control dry, damaged or frizzy hair.

In addition to treating thinning or damaged hair, Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo can also help restore health in the hair, leaving it looking smoother and shinier.

Many consumers found that Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo has worked on any hair type, and they enjoy how soft and silky it makes hair feel after use.

Additionally, since only a quarter-sized amount is used for each shampoo session, one bottle of Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo can last several months, making it well worth its price tag.

Negative Phytoworx Reviews

On the other hand, Phytoworx also received a handful of negative reviews, which is to be expected with reviewing any product.

Individual results can and will vary with any product. This is because every person is different. One product that works for one individual may not work for another.

One of the biggest complaints and disadvantages to Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is its relatively high price tag.

Phytoworx Shampoo can be purchased online via Amazon for approximately $56.95. The reason Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is so expensive is because the essential oils and rare plant stem cells that go into creating the formula cost more than most lab-created chemicals.

After all, consumers can expect to pay more for quality.

However, most people would agree that they are willing to pay more for a product that contains ingredients that are better for their bodies and hair.

Therefore, if you love organic products, then you may find that Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is worth the price.

Of course, there were also a handful of consumers who purchased Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo that claimed that the product did not work at all.

Again, like any product, it isn’t a guarantee that every individual will be happy with it.

The key to success is consistent use.

Using Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo on a regular, consistent basis will ensure overall desired results.

Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Side Effects

Because Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is designed with a natural and organic formula, little to no side effects have been reported.

Additionally, as we mentioned above, Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is a sulphate-free product, which means that it likely will not cause scalp or skin irritations or dryness.

However, some users have claimed that Phytoworx has caused some minor dryness and irritation.

It’s worth mentioning that this has more to do with individual’s skin type rather than the quality of the product.

Although Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo is safe for sensitive skin, individuals may have different reactions to different products.

All in all, side effects are relatively minor and are typically only temporary.

If side effects worsen or do not cease after a few days to several weeks, then it’s important to seek medical attention as this could be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Additionally, if you have an existing allergy to one of the ingredients in Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo, then be sure to consult with a licensed dermatologist or medical professional prior to using Phytoworx.

Where to Buy Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

As mentioned above, Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo can be found and purchased online via Amazon for approximately $56.95, not including shipping and handling.

Individuals also have the option to purchase Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo and Phytoworx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement together at a reduced cost.

All in all, an effective hair regrowth strategy doesn’t have to involve harsh, toxic or potentially hazardous chemicals.

These products end up doing more harm than good for the scalp and hair, and do not provide any significant long-term benefits.

So, although regular products may be cheaper, they are less likely to really work.

Phytoworx is an ideal hair loss treatment option for individuals who are looking for a truly natural and organic solution.

Phytoworx Review: The Best Organic Hair Loss Solution

So, there you have it…

Not only do you now know everything there is to know about organic and natural hair loss treatments, but you are now armed with information on how to choose the best hair loss solution and hair regrowth shampoo that is safe to use, easy to use, and a quality solution that is well worth the investment.

After all, can you put a price on self-esteem? We didn’t think so.

All in all, Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo appears to be a quality, effective, and safe product that helps stimulate hair re-growth; treat thinning, dry, damaged and frizzy hair, thoroughly nourish hair follicles; and stimulate healthy hair growth.