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Best Hair Loss Concealer For 2021 – A Complete Guide

By Andrea Douglas
Hair Loss Concealer

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May 28, 2021
Best Hair Loss Concealer

When it comes to hair loss and balding, most are willing to try every trick in the book to gain back some of the volume and surface area they have lost with age.

Although many products on the market today claim to have a miracle hair loss cure, the reality is that even the best hair loss supplements on the market cannot guarantee hair regrowth, but they can do wonders for slowing down further hair loss.

Once you’ve found the root cause of why you are losing hair, you can take steps to change your lifestyle and supplement your body with essential nutrients in which you may be deficient.

So, I’ve caught my hair loss in the act – but how do I conceal the bald spots I already have?

Hair Loss Fiber Technology offers a fascinating and quite frankly bizarre solution for both men and women that notice their hair visibly thinning.

In this article, we discuss what we have discovered whilst researching the growing phenomenon of hair building fibers, and have selected our top pick for the best hair loss concealer on the market right now.

1. Our Favorite Hair Loss Concealer: Mindore Hair Building Fibers

Mindore Hair Building Fibers
Mindore Hair Building Fibers
  • Lasts All Day without having to worry.
  • Undetectable to the human eye.
  • Instant Solution covers bald spot in seconds.
  • Thickens hair immediately.
  • Get Your Sample FREE just pay to ship.

Male Pattern Baldness and bald spots in women (medically known as alopecia) are diagnosed when hair follicles no longer produce strong, healthy hair, or they may simply stop their growth cycle completely, causing natural hair coverage to become sparse and uneven.

What we’ve found is that the best solution is to utilize electromagnetically-charged natural fibers made of keratin to simulate hair regrowth. Sound a bit complicated? We promise nothing could be further from the truth.

Mindore Hair Building Fibers come in a compact, portable canister, and takes quicker to apply than combing your hair, giving you a shiny scalp.

The science behind Mindore Hair Loss Fiber Technology is very straightforward: little natural fibers made from keratin that measure about one-fourth of the width of the hair shaft can be charged to stick to the hair shaft, and to each other, collecting amongst your natural hair to give the appearance of thicker fuller hair.

They even stick to your baby hairs, perfect for covering up bald spots and hair shaft thinning.

What you should know about Mindore Hair Loss Concealer

Although there are other products on the market that offer keratin hair loss concealers, Mindore has our vote because of its practicality, reliability and diversity of color choices.

We have summarized what we found interesting about this product for you in this review to help you make the best decisions for your hair.

  • Instant results
  • Non-invasive, sprinkle-on application
  • Naturally blends in with your existing natural hair
  • Can be used on all types of hair
  • Does not stain your clothing
  • Portable, cost-effective and unharmful to follicles
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

Mindore comes in: medium brown, light brown, darker brown, black, medium blonde, Auburn, light blonde, platinum, grey, and many others released regularly.

Pro Tip: Once you have shaken some Mindore keratin hair building fibers onto your scalp, finish it off with a little hairspray for that added thicker, fuller look.

Hair Loss Fiber Concealer FAQ

What Is A Hair Loss Concealer?

A hair loss concealer is a powder or spray that is applied directly to the scalp hair and bald spots on the head.

They are used to mask the thinning of hair in problem areas by bulking up the volume with hair building fibers, colored to match your hair.

The closer the color of the hair loss concealer to your natural hair color, the more seamlessly the keratin hair fibers will blend in.

What Are Hair Building Fibers?

Hair building fibers, otherwise known as keratin hair fibers, are tiny flecks of natural fibers that have been electromagnetically charged with static electricity. Have you ever rubbed a balloon against your head and had your hair get stuck to it?

The basic principles apply to hair loss concealers like Mindore, Infinity and other products like them, using static electricity to cling to the hair shaft, bulking up the natural hair texture to look thicker fuller.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Loss Concealers?

Hair Loss Concealer Spray

Hair loss concealer spray works in a similar way to dry shampoo. The keratin fibers come in a pressurized container, and when sprayed, releases the particles across your scalp hair and thinning spots.

Hair Loss Concealer Powder

Another way to apply this illusionary hair loss cure is by shaking it out of a container directly onto the scalp.

Whether or not you find it easier to shake or spray is up to you, as each person develops a preference over time, but let it be known that spray hair loss concealers can often waste product or even stain fabrics if improperly applied.

If you are all about a hassle-free lifestyle, like us, go for the shaken powder variety.

How Do You Choose The Right Hair Loss Concealer?

Before making any decisions, you need to come to grips with why you are losing hair. Some possible reasons why you could be developing bald spots are:

  • Stress, trauma, and anxiety
  • Male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia)
  • Hormonal Imbalances (such as a decrease in estrogen levels during menopause)
  • Unsuccessful Hair Transplant
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Scalp irritation or follicle infection
  • Malnourishment (particularly a lack of protein)
  • Radiation/Chemotherapy
  • Certain chronic medications
  • Eating Disorders

Although there is no miracle hair loss cure, hormonal balances can be corrected and deficiencies can be supplemented, effectively halting the shedding process.

Speak to your physician as soon as you begin to notice the appearance of spots or patches, and figure out how you are going to work toward slowing or even stopping the hair loss you have.

How Do I Use Hair Loss Concealer?

The best hair loss concealers are easy to use and transport, are instantly effective and blend seamlessly.

For spray-on hair loss concealers, shake the bottle for a few seconds to wake up the magic hair fairies, and spray the hair building fibers evenly over the exposed or thinning areas.

Powers work very similarly, with a quick shake-up and a 20-second sprinkle over the scalp, a blast of hair spray and, voila, your evenly colored, thicker fuller looking hair is ready to help make your day awesome.

Do Hair Fibers Block Follicles?

Although they have not been observed to block follicles, if the user of this hair regrowth alternative does not regularly wash the fibers out with a good quality clarifying shampoo, they may clump together causing hair to feel and look coarser.

Is Hair Fibre Harmful?

Concerns about whether these hair loss-concealing fibers are safe or not is an openly discussed conversation, and after thousands upon thousands of tests, no proof was found that directly correlates respiratory distress or more serious ailments.

Because the best hair loss concealers are natural fibers, this hair restoration solution is very forgiving on the skin. If your skin is sensitive or you have known allergies, it is always good to patch test every product, just in case.

2. Runner Up for Best Hair Loss Concealer: Infinity Hair Loss Fibers

Hair Infinity Hair Concealer
Hair Infinity Hair Concealer
  • Easy to Use and Instant Hair Loss Solution.
  • Extremely Cost Efficient.
  • 100% Safe. Organic Keratin Fibers.
  • Guaranteed To Stay All Day.
  • Patent Pending Pump Applicator.

What makes Infinity Hair Loss Fiber Concealer so awesome is that their Nano Fiber Technology uses organic keratin fibers, and only needs to be applied once a day to achieve full coverage.

It is also sweat-resistant and wind-resistant, packaged neatly into a respectable 28g bottle.

Although some feedback from customers suggests that this product’s spray-on application process can leave the hair feeling heavy, others feel this gives them the sensation as well as the vision of thicker fuller hair.

Like Mindore, this brand offers a wide range of hair colors and has been specially engineered to work well with all hair types across ethnicities and genders.

What You Should Know About Infinity Hair Loss Concealer

  • Organic Keratin Fibers delicate on skin
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Spray bottle application
  • Takes 30 seconds to apply
  • Could stain clothes if used incorrectly

3. 2nd Runner Up Best Hair Loss Concealer: Toppik Hair Building Fibers

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers
TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers
  • Made Of Natural, Colored Keratin Protein That Is Statically Charged.
  • Fibers Intertwine With Your Existing Hair For A Completely Natural Look.
  • Resists Wind, Rain, And Perspiration But Removes Easily With Shampoo.

For nearly double the price of Infinity, one would assume that Toppik has double the difference to make to a receding hairline, right? Well, we wouldn’t 100% agree.

Although this product is also great, no questions asked, it does all the same lovely tricks as its more affordable supermarket shelf buddies.

Toppik won the UK Ltd Distributor of the Year award in 2014 and has come a long way in establishing itself as a relevant and competitive brand in the hair loss cure market.

Their products have a trusted history that makes them a force to be reckoned with against the smaller, less technologically advanced hair loss concealer businesses.

What You Should Know About Toppik Hair Loss Fiber Concealer

  • Trusted Award-winning brand
  • Guaranteed to create a thicker, fuller look
  • Latest in Nano-technology for hair loss cures
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • You’re paying for the brand name
  • May take a few minutes to get proper distribution through the scalp hairs

4. We Still Adore Number Four: Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer
  • Is Not A Paint For Hair.
  • Is Not A Shoe Polish For Hair.
  • Natural Product That Instantly Conceals Your Bald Spot Or Thinning Area.
  • It Gives You A Perfectly Natural Look.
  • No One Will Know You’re Using Caboki Unless You Tell Them.
  • Reclaim Your Confidence With Caboki.

This flower power powder is a natural visual hair loss cure that covers up the bald spots and thinning patches using the same keratin fiber technology as the products reviewed in 1,2 and 3.

Caboki makes Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a plant-based fiber harvested directly from nature and uses iron oxide (a natural colorant) to create these electromagnetic specks that thicken up your hair.

Caboki makes a point of being environmentally friendly and all-natural, and it comes at little surprise that we see a higher price tag than expected.

Although not as costly as the Toppik hair loss concealer, it demands quite the investment if used regularly.

We may recommend using a more affordable option, as most keratin fibers used in products like these are natural anyway, so it’s not a special feature per se.

What You Should Know About Caboki Hair Loss Fiber Concealer

  • Accommodates all hair textures
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Higher price range
  • Promises a natural look
  • Works quickly
  • No chemicals were added
  • No animals were harmed during its production

In Conclusion: Mindore Has Our Vote

Mindore Hair Building Fibers
Mindore Hair Building Fibers
  • Lasts All Day without having to worry.
  • Undetectable to the human eye.
  • Instant Solution covers bald spot in seconds.
  • Thickens hair immediately.
  • Get Your Sample FREE just pay to ship.

When it comes down to it, a person has practically endless freedom to choose how they appear to the outside world these days.

The further technology pushes the aesthetic and cosmetology industries to keep innovating and inventing new, groundbreaking products, the more options we as fallible humans must change those things about ourselves, we feel we could do better at.

When it comes to dealing with hair loss and male pattern baldness, we’ve concluded that selecting Mindore Hair Loss Concealer is the absolute best., It’s top of the pops in every way, from price-point to ease of application to the overall result.

Give it a try, there is little left to lose (pun intended!).