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Does Rogaine Really Work?

By Andrea Douglas

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May 17, 2021

Summary Introduction

Yes, Rogaine, with the FDA Approved Minoxidil works well to reduce hair fall as well as promotes new hair growth.

There are 100s of well-documented success stories from both men and women, about how Minoxidil 2% (for women) and 5% (for men), have helped them regain lost hair and of course, confidence.

However, our only concern is the price tag. The Rogaine unscented foam costs about $40 while the Rogaine solution is close to $53.

The treatment takes about 3 – 6 months, and in some cases up to a year to show visible positive results, and this can quickly burn a hole in your pocket.

Our Alternate Recommendation

Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
  • Follicular Level Hair Regrowth.
  • Just $15 For A Month's Supply.
  • FDA Approved Minoxidil 5% Formula.
  • Product Backed By Scientific Studies.
  • Developed By Dermatologists.

Among the seven products we tested, our highest recommendation goes to Minoxidil topical solution by hims. Their solution contains 5% of minoxidil just like Rogaine, and it’s unscented as well.

hims Minoxidil solution works by creating an ideal growth environment (by creating a fresh anagen phase) for your existing hair follicles, thereby stimulating new hair growth.

A one-month supply (60 ml/ 2 fl oz) will cost you $15, while a year’s supply is about $180.

The downside is that their product is only available for men as of now. Women will still have to go with the higher priced Rogaine.

Rogaine for Women

Women's Rogaine Treatment
Women's Rogaine Treatment
  • Two 2.11-Ounce Aerosol of Hair Regrowth Foam.
  • Regrows New Hairs Thicker.
  • Easy: Once Daily Scalp Treatment, Day or Night.
  • Helps Prevent Further Hair Loss.
  • Results In As Little As 12 weeks.

Women’s Rogaine Unscented Foam – Although Rogaine originally targeted men, Rogaine now offers hair loss products designed specifically for women with the same results.

This product also contains the same FDA-approved 5 percent Minoxidil content.

Rogaine for Women is also proven to increase hair regrowth by up to 25 percent.

This product is the female version of the same unscented foam as mentioned above.

Women who use this product have seen thicker, beautiful, natural hair regrowth by targeting and reactivating hair follicles.

Approximately 81 percent of women have seen hair regrowth from using this product.

Rogaine for Women is easy to use and. This package of Women’s Rogaine Foam includes one 60-gram bottle of foam, which is approximately a two-month supply.

Women’s Rogaine Unscented Foam can be purchased online via the official Rogaine website for $39.59.

Women’s Rogaine Solution – Women’s Rogaine Topical Solution is another hair loss solution designed specifically for women.

This product also contains the same FDA approved 2 percent Minoxidil content.

Approximately 40 percent of women aged between 18 and 45 years who have used this product have seen moderate hair growth after eight months of daily use.

Women’s Rogaine Topical Solution is available as both a one-time purchase for $52.79 and as a subscription program via the official Rogaine website.

Individuals can purchase two-month to 12-month supply at a reduced rate.

Does Generic Minoxidil Provide The Same Results As Rogaine?

Truth be told, there isn’t much difference between Rogaine and other generic brands, as the central ingredients in all of them is Minoxidil and the concentrate is same (5%).

Yes, the generic brands may contain additional ingredients which can possibly alter the consistency, however the difference will still be negligible.

It is possible, for example, that Rogaine or Kirkland Signature may work better for your scalp and hims may work well for others.

Likewise, there are users of Kirkland Signature who have complaint of rapid heartbeat, tingling on the face, etc.

It entirely depends on your preference.

So, What Is Minoxidil?

Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
  • Follicular Level Hair Regrowth.
  • Just $15 For A Month's Supply.
  • FDA Approved Minoxidil 5% Formula.
  • Product Backed By Scientific Studies.
  • Developed By Dermatologists.

Minoxidil is a generic medication, available over-the-counter to treat androgenic alopecia, also known as male/ female pattern baldness, a form of hair loss that affects the top and front of the scalp.

This may come as surprise, but Minoxidil was originally developed in the 1950s to cure Ulcers.

Though unsuccessful, researchers kept investigating the compound, and eventually, in 1979, FDA approved Minoxidil as an oral tablet to treat high blood pressure.

It was at the University of Colorado, when associate professor Charles A. Chidsey MD. was studying the effects of Minoxidil on Hypertension, that he stumbled upon its effect on hair loss.

Between 1980 – 1988, more researchers joined the race, testing different concentrates of the compounds, such as 1% and 2%, and finally in 1988, the FDA approved the drug to treat male pattern baldness.

The drug was released under the name ‘Rogaine’.

Studies conducted at that time noticed that using Minoxidil, over 39% of men “had moderate to dense hair growth on the crown of the head”.

In 1991, a new formula was developed and released for women.

Initially, both products were available as prescription-only, but in 1996, the FDA cleared the over-the-counter sale of the drugs.

In 1998, FDA approved a 5% formula for the non-prescription sale of the drug.

Can Rogaine Actually Cause More Hair Loss?

Yes, but temporarily. Minoxidil is known to recreate the anagen phase of hair growth, which is why some people experience unusual hair shedding.

When you first start using Minoxidil (Rogaine or hims), it stimulates on a follicular level, encouraging regrowth.

This process causes temporary hair fall. It’s simply your old hair falling, giving you the impression that you are losing more hair than normal.

This phase of hair regrowth lasts for up to 4 weeks. As ironic as it sounds, it’s a sign that the treatment is working for you.

Will a Higher Concentration Increase Results?

It is important to know that the FDA has only approved the 2% and 5% solutions. It’s for a good reason.

Will a 10% or 15% solution expedite the results? Yes, it may, but it also carries with it some side-effects.

A 48-week clinical trial conducted on 381 women in 2004 clearly showed that, while the 5% was more effective, it did cause side effects such as itching, burning, and some serious ones such as dizziness and low blood pressure.

It is worth mentioning that no real tests have been conducted on higher doses.

What Is The Success Rate For Hair Regrowth With Rogaine?

In 2012, a one-year observational study was conducted on 984 men in Germany.

Twice a day, the patients applied about 1 ml of Minoxidil solution to their scalps.

Physicians evaluated their hair loss level at the beginning and end of the study. The study revealed a –

• 62% reduction in hair loss
• 16% considered it ‘very effective’
• 48% considered it ‘effective’
• 21% considered it ‘moderately effective’
• 16% considered it ‘ineffective’

Similarly, a study conducted on women over a period of 8 months showed that 19% of them experienced moderate growth while about 40% of the women had minimal growth.

The above numbers prove that Minoxidil does help in reducing hair fall and encourages hair growth on a scalp level.

What Are Some Side Effects From Using Rogaine?

The side-effects exist, but they are minimal and mostly temporary. Here is a short list –

• Itchy, dry scalp
• Heart palpitation
• Facial hair growth
• Drop in blood pressure (rare)
• Weight gain
• Swelling of hands and feet
• A headache or dizziness (rare)
• Muscle spasm (rare)

There have been reports of loss of libido in men, but so far, no clinical studies have confirmed the same.

For Those Interested, What Causes Hair Loss?

The causes of hair loss have been studied by physicians, dermatologists, and scientific researchers for years.

Through the years, hair loss experts and dermatologists have determined that most men and women who suffer from hair loss do not realize hair is thinning until approximately 50 percent of hair has fallen out.

As a result, hair loss treatment should begin earlier in life rather than later to combat male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is caused by many different things, with the most common being stress, illness, aging, a vitamin or mineral deficiency or lack of sleep, hereditary hair loss as well as several other conditions.

Hair loss can even be caused by genetics! In fact, some things we do every day in our daily routines can lead to hair loss!

Stress and Anxiety – Stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss. What most people don’t realize is that the stress response that causes hair loss is rooted beneath the skin’s surface.

Furthermore, evidence from numerous clinical studies shows that increased stress levels have been known to play a role in the onset of various skin diseases.

Hormonal Changes and Chemical Imbalances – Another common reason for hair loss, particularly in women is due to hormonal changes and chemical imbalances.

For example, the most common causes of hormonal changes in women are due to childbirth and menopause.

However, like men, women also suffer from hair loss due to aging.

Patchy Hair Loss – Patchy hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness is a medical condition that is medically and scientifically referred to as Alopecia or Androgenetic alopecia.

Alopecia is a condition that that is rooted in the hair follicles.

The body attacks healthy hair follicles, resulting in damaged hair follicles and scar tissue, which stops the hair growth process.

In fact, alopecia and similar conditions affect 2 percent of Americans, roughly 6.5 million men and women suffer from it.

Scalp Infections – As mentioned above, one of the common causes of hair loss that is often misconstrued is a skin condition.

One of the most common skin conditions that result in hair loss is a scalp infection. Ringworm is one example of a serious scalp infection that causes severe hair loss.

Scalp infections can include itchy patches on the scalp and can also be extremely painful. The good news is that once the infection is treated, the hair growth process is restored.

Medications – Hair loss can also be caused by certain medications, particularly those used to help treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Some birth control medications can also cause hair loss, again due to hormonal changes.

Radiation therapy used to treat, and cure cancer can also cause severe—and sometimes permanent—hair loss, which may be irreversible.

Low Iron – An iron deficiency has also proven to cause hair loss. More women than men suffer from iron deficiencies. In fact, many women suffer from iron deficiencies and do not realize it.

The only symptom they notice is significant hair loss or thinning hair.

Iron deficiencies can cause hair to become dull, dry, and damaged, and nails can also become dry, brittle, and break easily.

Individuals who notice thinning hair or hair loss, or stunted hair growth and strength should consider trying supplements for hair growth that are also high in iron.

Certain Hairstyles and Treatments – Although we have explored several serious conditions, infections, and various treatment methods that could impact the hair growth cycle and result in temporary and even permanent loss, sometimes hair loss is caused simply by going through our daily beauty routines.

For example, aggressive hairstyling, such as excessive brushing or pulling hair too tight can result in thinning hair, damaged hair, etc.

Additionally, certain treatments, such as hot oil treatments, permanent color treatments, and even perms can cause inflammation of the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.


Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
Our #1 Pick – ForHims Minoxidil Solution
  • Follicular Level Hair Regrowth.
  • Just $15 For A Month's Supply.
  • FDA Approved Minoxidil 5% Formula.
  • Product Backed By Scientific Studies.
  • Developed By Dermatologists.

At Hairlossable, we primarily recommend all natural and organic products such as Shapiro MD to reduce hair fall and regrow hair.

However, we understand that some of our readers want a chemical-based, FDA approved solution to combat their hair loss problems. As such, Minoxidil gets our highest recommendation.

While you can try the popular Rogaine program for a year, it will easily set you back by many hundred dollars. We highly recommend the Minoxidil solution from hims brand. At $15 for a month’s supply, it is a killer deal.