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How Much Does Your Hair Grow In Six Weeks?

By Andrea Douglas
Hair Regrowth 6 Weeks

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May 19, 2021
Grow in Six Weeks

Whether you want to have your hair flowing for a special event or you’re just curious, many of you may wonder exactly how long it takes for your hair to grow. While it does vary from person to person, there is an average rate that hair grows for most people.

The Typical Rate of Hair Growth

For the most part, hair will grow at the same rate for both sexes. Hair growth is faster and stronger for younger people and gets less consistent with age.

Your hair is constantly growing, so it does steadily grow over time. Growth rates will slowly decline as time goes on, but your hair should regularly be growing.

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For most people, this rate of growth is one-eighth of an inch per week, totaling six and a half inches for the year. This is an average, so there are outliers, but this is a common marker of the average rate of hair growth.

On average then, your hair will grow just shy of an inch in six weeks; three quarters of an inch as an exact average.

Hair Growth Factors to Consider

Many different factors affect hair growth, including your age, weight, and overall health. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a generally healthy lifestyle all contribute to the health of your hair.

As you get older, your hair is likely to grow less fast and full. If you are not at your best health, your hair may also not grow as great as ideal.

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Genetics does somewhat affect your ability to grow hair too and can impact your hair loss. If it runs in your family, you are likely to have a harder time growing hair and may experiencing thinning and hair loss.

While a rate of 6 inches per year is common, it does fluctuate somewhat according to the difference factors in your life.

Hair Retention is Just as Important

While it’s important to set yourself up for healthy and substantial hair growth, it’s just as important to retain the hair you do grow. In order to keep your hair in good health and growing long, you’ll need to keep your hair in good condition and retain the length you have.

It’s also important to consider how much you’re cutting your hair while trying to grow it. If you trim your hair every three months, you’re never going to reach the lengths you want.

Instead, you’ll want to make sure that you avoid trimming or cutting your hair while letting it grow to the lengths you want. Make sure you leave it and let it grow out and then trim once you’ve reached the lengths you want.

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In order to make this happen, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is kept in good health and condition. If you lose your hair are are forced to trim it to keep your split ends in check, you’ll never be able to get the hair the length you really want.

Take proper care and use a good shampoo for your hair to make sure that it stays healthy and won’t tear, break, or split. This way, you won’t have to trim as regularly and will be able to let you have long, thick, and beautiful hair.

Taking Care of Your Hair Ends

As your hair gets longer, the older parts of your hair will get damaged earliest. The ends will split and get damaged first, as the fresh hair is still healthy. In order to make sure that your hair can grow long without you needing to trim it, make sure you keep your hair in the best health possible.

It’s important to make sure that you are consistent in caring for your hair, as it needs to grow healthy in order to stay in good condition. This will fight off the damage and split ends that occurs as your hair gets older.

Instead, your hair will retain it’s health, allowing it to look incredible while growing as long and full as you want it.

Hair Loss and Regrowth

On average, hair will grow about one eighth of an inch per week. In a matter of six weeks, hair should grow about three quarters (0.75) of an inch. In order to make sure that you can grow hair as long and full as you want, the most important thing to do is to take proper care of your hair’s health.

This will keep it in good condition so that it grows full, rich, and health; in turn, you’ll be able to grow it long and keep it looking beautiful!